Kuribrong River Guyana Aquarium Biotope

by Jeroen Vanhooren Biotope: Near the river banks of a small tributary of the Kuribrong river (Guyana) Dimensions: 70*50*35 (l*d*h) Technical description: Lightning: 1 x Aquatlantis Easy Led 6800 K (28 W) – time controlled. Filter: internal sump with 2 sizes mechanical filtration media and a biological filtration medium. Pump …

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Here’s How Plant Hunting Can Help Your Design

  Outfitted with a few plastic bags and a camera Slamet sets off to hunt for and collect new plants for his displays.  Cryptocorynes along the roadside are a commonly found but desirable aquarium plant suitable to be grown emersed above water, or submerged in the aquarium.  It isn’t terribly uncommon …

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Save a Tree to Save a Tiger

Tiger in water near plants

Save a Tree to Save a Tiger There are about 7 species of tigers currently considered endangered or critically endangered by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).  If somebody shows you a picture of an endangered tiger and asks you “what is this?” your focus goes on the tiger, right? Nobody …

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Aquascaping Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance Dan Harris

Planted aquariums can be visually stunning and a great environment for livestock.  However, you must commit to the all important regular maintenance routine that comes with them. Missed water changes or fertilizer doses, clogging of filtration, lack of water changes, CO2 running out, and plants being overshadowed all contribute to plant …

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Enter the Biotope Aquatic Design Contest Now!

Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2016

Biotope Aquatic Design Contest has an amazing collection of biotope aquarium entries from around the world.  Not only is the aesthetic design world class upper tier but the biotope aspect is second to none.  As one of the most important contests in biotope aquascaping it draws a lot of attention from big …

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