Got My Biotope Aquarium Design Contest Magazine

Biotope Aquarium Design Contest MagazineBiotopes are great!  Who doesn’t love a well designed and thought out biotope aquarium or terrarium?  Perusing the web I saw that the Biotope Aquarium Design contest had released a printed magazine of contestants from 2016.  I had to add this one to my collection of books and periodicals.

Print quality is pretty good and the layout is clean simple as well.  Nothing cluttered up to take away from the aesthetics of the contestant’s tanks or the layout.  Most of the photos have some detailed description of where the tank is modeled after and what plants and fish inhabit the aquarium.

I’m not sure about what kind of numbers the magazine is printed in so if you want one hurry up and try to get one.  There may be other issues or publications out by these guys, I’m unsure about that as well but again, check them out if not for the publication for the online resources too.

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