Tissue Culture Instruction

Monstera Deliciosa Plant Tissue Culture at Home

Tissue Culture Monstera Deliciosa at Home

Monstera deliciosa is a well-known houseplant around the world. Monstera Deliciosa Albo Variegata is a well known more expensive version. Many aroids can be propagated with plant tissue cultured at home, and with little fuss. Making media for Monstera deliciosa is not hard to do. Full strength MS (Murashige and …

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Buy Now! Plant Tissue Culture: A Home Based Guide (How to Practice Plant Tissue Culture on a Budget)

Plant Tissue Culture: A Home-Based Guide (How to Practice Plant Tissue Culture at Home)

Buy Now to Learn How to Practice Plant Tissue Culture at Home Do you want to grow more plants faster and in less space? If so, this how-to guide is for you. Plant tissue culture can be done at home without expensive lab grade gear. Inside, you will find easy …

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What is Plant Tissue Culture

What is Plant Tissue Culture?

Plant tissue culture is the practice of propagating plants in a sterile environment. Take plant material that is suitable for initiation and sterilize it. This plant material is known as an explant. The explant is put into a sterile jar of media with nutrients and plant growth regulators which helps …

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