Mer Bleue Sphagnum Bog in Ottawa Canada

Mer Bleue Conservation Area Sphagnum Peat Bog

The Mer Bleue Conservation area is a sphagnum bog near Ottawa Ontario, Canada with acidic water. Black spruce, tamarack, bog rosemary, blueberry, and cottongrass make up the majority of plants in this highly unique environment. Beavers, birds, snakes, and frogs are abundant as well. The rare Spotted turtle also makes …

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Igapó Rio Negro Amazon Biotope Aquarium

Igapo Rio Negro Amazon Biotope Aquarium

Aquatic plants, fish, substrate, and hardscape. Technical description: Blackwater Rio Negro shallow water aquarium biotope. Tank Dimensions: 24″ * 12″ * 12″ (l*d*h) Lighting: Finnex FugeRay Planted+ Aquarium LED Light Plus Moonlights Tannin stained dark water is not easy for light to penetrate the water column.  To get enough light to grow …

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What Does Biotope One Mean?

Photo Hendri Salsa

What does Biotope One mean? B1 A true biotope. In the hobby it’s an aquarium or display with fish and plants that occur in the same area or body of water, where they share a specific habitat. B2 A watersystem. This is a little more broad. It contains fish and …

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The Blind Cave Biotope Recreated

The Blind Cave Biotope Recreated  The blind cave biotope is one that most people will never see.  I personally have only visited one in my entire life while visiting Mammoth Caves in the state of Kentucky during my travels throughout the United States.  It is most certainly a quite different …

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Sinogastromyzon Nantaiensis Hillstream Loach of Southern Taiwan

The Qishan river in Kaohsiung, Taiwan holds many interesting cool water loaches.  Many of the hillstream loaches are not common in the aquarium trade.  As with other similar loaches, Sinogastromyzon nantaiensis require faster-moving water and well-oxygenated water. S. nantaiensis inhabits the middle reaches of the stream in areas with sandy and fine …

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