Anjarakandy River Biotope of Kerala India


Aquatic plants, fish, substrate, and hardscape. Technical description: Kerala, India located in southwest India.  Clear to slightly stained river water with sandy, gravel, and rocky bottom.  Fish species are varied in their placement from slow-moving to faster more oxygenated waters. India has an abundant number of species suitable for the …

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Blackwater Rio Atabapo Aquarium Biotope

Rio Atabapo Blackwater Biotope

Technical Description: Blackwater Rio Atabapo aquarium biotope. Dimensions of tank: 110 x 55 x 60 cm Lighting: Spot spotlights LED 10W 2 pcs and T8 fluorescent tubes 2x18W Filtration:  Eheim Classic 2217 and Tetra ex 800 plus. Hardscape: Due to the fact that the river passes through the jungle there is a lot …

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