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Cryptocoryne x Timahensis: A Challenging but Rewarding Crypt to Grow

Origins and Parentage

Cryptocoryne x timahensis is a unique and captivating plant for aquarium enthusiasts, but it does require extra attention to ensure its proper growth and development. This lime green hybrid crypt is found in Singapore, where it was introduced to the forest stream surrounded by an artificial dam. However, its parent species, Cryptocoryne schulzei and Cryptocoryne nurii var. nurii, are not originally from Singapore, but rather from the Mersing area of Johor State in Southern Malaysia.

Hybridisation and Transplantation

This plant is a natural hybrid, and it is believed that it was created when the two tributaries of a stream, one with populations of Cryptocoryne schulzei and the other with Cryptocoryne nurii var. nurii, converged. Since it produces sterile inflorescence, the new plant then established itself via vegetative reproduction and was collected and transplanted to Singapore. It was officially described as a hybrid in 2001 and named after Bukit Timah Hill where it was exclusively found.

Cryptocoryne x timahensis is not the easiest plant for novices to grow but it is well worth the effort for experienced hobbyists. The plant is fastidious with regard to the growing medium used. It is sensitive to high temperatures in excess of 27°C. It also does not tolerate inorganic chemical fertilizers except for extremely diluted concentrations. Therefore, it requires very precise care requirements to thrive, and if those requirements are not met its leaves will shrink in size while growing indicating poor health.

Tips for Growing Cryptocoryne x Timahensis

If you are an aquarium plant hobbyist who is interested in growing Cryptocoryne x timahensis it is important to choose the right substrate. A nutrient-rich substrate with small grain size such as ADA Amazonia is recommended. Coarse sand or fine gravel substrate will work if you want to produce your own for the aquarium or for emersed plant growth. This plant requires moderate to high lighting and carbon dioxide supplementation can also benefit its growth. Additionally, its ideal temperature range is between 20°C and 25°C, so make sure to keep the temperature within this range.

Fertilization of Cryptocoryne x timahensis

When it comes to fertilization, organic fertilizers like Seachem Flourish or our home mix Agrarian All In One are good options. It is important to use them in moderation to avoid harming the plant as it is sensitive to over fertilization. Cryptocoryne x timahensis prefers a moderate flow rate so it is best to avoid placing it in high-flow areas of the aquarium.

In terms of potential challenges, Cryptocoryne x timahensis may experience melting which is a common issue with many crypts. If this happens don’t panic! It is a natural process where the plant will shed its leaves and regrow from the rhizome. To aid in its recovery reduce lighting and fertilization until new growth appears. it is best not to further stress the plant by moving it around or taking it out to look at. This is a natural reaction cryptocorynes have to save energy between wet season and dry season when it changes quickly. Instead of adapting it just melts the leaves off and starts growing new vegetation to meet its new environment.

Why Cryptocoryne x Timahensis is Worth Growing

Overall, Cryptocoryne x timahensis is a beautiful plant that can add a unique touch to your aquarium. Its difficulty in rearing makes it a highly prized plant for enthusiasts. With the proper care, this captivating plant can thrive and be a great addition to your collection. However, for those new to the hobby, it may be best to start with easier plants and work up to Cryptocoryne x timahensis.

In conclusion, while Cryptocoryne x timahensis may be challenging to grow, its unique origins and beauty make it worth the extra effort. As an aquarium plant expert, I would recommend this plant to experienced hobbyists who are looking for a rewarding challenge. Just remember to follow the precise care requirements and be patient, and you can enjoy the beauty of Cryptocoryne x timahensis in your own aquarium.

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