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Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2016

Biotope Aquatic Design Contest
 has an amazing collection of biotope aquarium entries from around the world.  Not only is the aesthetic design world class upper tier but the biotope aspect is second to none.  As one of the most important contests in biotope aquascaping it draws a lot of attention from big names within the hobby.  The results of these labors are magnificent and rivaled only in nature itself.

Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2016Anyone can enter the contest.  Each contender can enter up to 5 currently existing biotope aquariums.  Competition is staunch among the detail-oriented competitors and it really shows off in the entries.  Even if you do not enter the competition you absolutely must peruse through the aquaria that were created to showcase these magnificent recreations of biotopes from around the world.  It is also an excellent resource for ideas for your own setups.

Various points are awarded in the contest for different aspects of the biotope aquarium.  Not only does the design need to be harmonious and pleasing to be competitive it also much be accurate.  Plants and animals alike must come from the same areas and cohabitate in the same waterways as being depicted.  Tank inhabitants have to be healthy, stocked in appropriate numbers, and in a tank size suitable for them.  All this is not an easy task.

Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2016Some of the biggest names in the hobby judge the aquarium entries.  Collective biotope experience and knowledge the judges bring is immeasurable to the aquarium hobby.  Judges for this contest really know their stuff.  Yuriy Yancher, Ivan Mikolji, and Heiko Blessin are a few among the jury of 10.

Prizes total more than 3,000 euros and trophy certificates will be awarded to the top 50 entries.  Simply participating in such a contest is reward enough for many.  Some of the categories are Cold Water, Wild Trophy for rarely kept species, and an Eco Trophy for extinct or endangered biotopes in addition to the normal biotopes.

The entry deadline is coming up soon.  The deadline is October 31 and the judging will continue until November 15.  November 20th the judges will announce the placements and winners!  If you are considering entering it’s time to get going at it.  Regardless of whether or not you enter, and you should if you build biotopes or are interested in them, check out the past entries.  They are amazing!


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