Terrarium From an Old Fashioned Lantern

You can get some pretty good ideas for interesting terrariums and micro aquariums for the home.  Lanterns meant to burn oil using a wick have a glass to protect the flame from wind and reduce the chance of fire.  It also makes an attractive terrarium for home decor.

“It was pretty easy to put together and I didn’t mind taking it apart to do so because the base leaked fuel and was unusable,” said Brian Murphy.

“I took it apart and taped the bottom and added some Aqua Soil. The plants are growing emersed and it gets water every day,”

Just about any small plants can be used to build one of these repurposed lantern terrariums.  Some modifications may have to be made to ensure the potting mix doesn’t fall out the bottom.  Most people will also benefit from using a light if suitable windowsills are not available.


Following basic terrarium building techniques just about anyone can turn a suitable container into a miniature terrarium.  Some have even made mini aquariums with the lanterns.  With a little ingenuity and maybe some luck finding glass so can you.

Nano aquariums have been steadily gaining popularity the last several years.  Manufacturers have also started supplying adequate filters and lighting to use in these tiny aquatic environments.  Bioloads are much lower for these small amounts of water but with careful planning and routine maintenance it is possible to keep organisms safely for extended periods of time.

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