Pollinating Begonia by Hand Video

Gideon Lim shows us how to pollinate your begonia so that you get viable seeds.  Seeds are a great way to propagate begonia species, as they are quick growing and numerous.  Vegetative propagation is also a great way to grow begonias and they are true to type, but seed offers easy and plentiful plantlets.

In this video Gideon Lim shows us the difference in the male and female flowers.  The flowers don’t normally bloom at the same time to avoid self pollination.  With a little help from the caregiver the plant parts can come together and do their job to ensure that the magic happens and the seed is viable.

The only tool you really need is his video that Gideon so graciously made to explain pollination, and a soft hair paint brush.  It takes only a few moments to pollinate and the results can be rewarding.  A viable pod of begonia seed can bring forth a new seasons flat of begonia plants ready for your enjoyment.

Video courtesy of Gideon Lim

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