Leaf Litter Botanicals Benefit Aquariums

ketapang leaves

Ketapang Botanicals Aquarium Benefits of botanical additives have been acknowledged for a very long time. More people should experience and utilize their effectiveness in the aquarium. Botanicals give nutritional value, health benefits, security benefits for the shrimp and fish, and provide excellent aesthetics in any tank. They really shine in …

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Writers and Photographers


Freelance Writers Biotope One is looking for writers for online magazine articles.  Topics include aquariums, terrariums, and indoor plant displays like wabi kusa and living plant walls.  We’re looking to add a few articles in the 750 to 1200 word range. Many readers of Biotope One are also explorers and adventurers. …

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Cryptocoryne Ferruginea var Sekadau

cryptocoryne ferruginea

Cryptocoryne Ferruginea var Sekadau by Slamet Supriadi Cryptocoryne ferruginea can be found growing in streams and tributaries in Sekadau, West Kalimantan province of Indonesia. Often growing under a large tree.  This narrow leaf plant found growing on the bank and river bed is becoming more common in the  aquarium hobby but still …

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A World of Eriocaulon Aquarium Plants

A World of Eriocaulon by Bernd Marks Unfortunately Eriocaulons are still a marginal phenomenon in the hobby, and they really don’t deserve this status.  For almost 2 years I have kept E. shiga, E. sieboldianum, E. polaris,  E. sulawesi sp, and E. goias. In the course of time I have …

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Multiplying Eriocaulon Plants by Division

Dividing Eriocaulon

Dividing Eriocaulon to Produce New Plants by Bernd Marks I have kept a variety of eriocaulon for a couple years.   Erio’s are a marginalized aquarium plant and it should be more popular with hobbyists for many reasons.  First of all, they are easy to keep and secondly they are …

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Koyna and Krishna River Confluence Biotope

Koyna and Krishna River Confluence Biotope Fish

Koyna and Krishna River Confluence Biotope by Jeroen Vanhooren Biotope: Small tributary of the Koyna river near the confluence with Krishna river (India) Dimensions: 70*50*35 (l*d*h) Technical description Lightning: 1 x Aquatlantis Easy Led 6800 K (28 W) – time controlled. Filter: Internal sump with 2 sizes mechanical filtration media and …

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Low Tech and Low Cost Planted Tank

Low Tech and Low Cost Planted Tanks by Xiaozhuang Wong What makes plants grow well in low techs tanks is the right soil, a shallow tank, and in this case, high level lighting.  Excel wasn’t used in this tank and I sat out the algae.  There was a bit of Black Brush …

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Attaching Plants with a Fly Tying Bobbin

Fly tying bobbin

Pinpoint Your Plant Placement With a Fly Tying Bobbin by James Montgomery There are many ways to attach plants to rocks, driftwood, and other materials.  The advances in cyanoacrylate glues have made fast sticking super strong glues available cheaply.  Rubber bands and wire clips also work well. However there’s one …

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Capable and Versatile Cryptocorynes

Cryptocoryne variety

Cryptocorynes are an interesting group of plants.  They are largely easy to keep and make great low light plants for the planted aquarium.  Naturally they grow along shaded stream banks and shallow water as they are really mostly semi aquatic plants.  There is a wide variety of species available to the …

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A Fishroom Filled With Biotopes

Fishroom Filed With Biotopes

A Fishroom Filled With Biotopes Photos and article by Jeroen Vanhooren I am Jeroen from Belgium. I have been infected with the aquarium-virus since I was an 8-year old kid. After almost 30 years I felt like I was needing a new challenge.  I started to plan my fully automated …

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