Terrestrial Plants

The Cactus Garden of Lanzarote Canary Island

giant cactus

Hidden away below the constant ocean winds of Lanzarote sits the Jardin de Cactus, or the Cactus Garden, which is home to over 400 varieties of cacti and succulents.  The terraced bowl carved into the volcanic lava rock has no guard rails but offers a magnificent view over the grounds. …

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Capable and Versatile Cryptocorynes

Cryptocoryne variety

Cryptocorynes are an interesting group of plants.  They are largely easy to keep and make great low light plants for the planted aquarium.  Naturally they grow along shaded stream banks and shallow water as they are really mostly semi aquatic plants.  There is a wide variety of species available to the …

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Making Your Own Custom Potting Soil

potting soil media

Potting soil is really just a soilless plant medium.   You can make your own potting soil if you have a little time and a little knowledge about what is required for a potting medium.  Some plants require differing soil contents, drainage, and texture.  The only other necessity is the ingredients …

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Pollinating Begonia by Hand Video

Gideon Lim shows us how to pollinate your begonia so that you get viable seeds.  Seeds are a great way to propagate begonia species, as they are quick growing and numerous.  Vegetative propagation is also a great way to grow begonias and they are true to type, but seed offers …

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Tissue Culture of Nepenthes Update

Vessel of Nepenthes in Home Plant Tissue Culture

Have acquired some Nepenthes (Suratensis x Mirabilis Var. Globosa)x allardii and put them in tissue culture. These were put in this media about 6 weeks ago and just thought Id show the progress they are making. The yellow media is a rooting medium mixed to provide nutrients to make root growth …

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The Amazing Outdoor Carnivorous Bog

I live in Atlanta (zone 7b) and was looking for an easier way to manage my plants. I started with 15 Sarracenias, (a couple species and hybrids), 20 Venus Fly Traps, (half of which I already had in small pots from previous years).   1 Pogonia orchid and 1 spiranthes …

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