Download the Biotope Data Sheet to Document Habitat for Hobbyists

Download the sheet here and print it out.  Head out to your favorite place and collect some data for other hobbyists to learn from.  Document species of plants, fish, and others that live in the same location.

This Biotope Data Project takes the information people like you collect and puts it into a searchable format for all to use.  Free.  There’s never going to be a paywall or membership to have to pay or any books you will have to buy.

We have a team of biologists, scientists, and researchers that have the knowledge and experience to collect data and put it into a hobbyist level usable format.  Ichthyologists and botanists alike share some of their information with hobbyists in the aquarium, terrarium, and ornamental hobbies.

These data collection sheets will focus on one particular location to document what species of plants and animals live together.  This will also have information about what fish and invertebrates could be kept in an aquarium, and with what plants.  Terrariums will benefit greatly too, as plant species and frog species will also be documented, as well as insects and other parameters.

Keeping an aquarium or terrarium will become much easier, whether you keep biotopes or not.  Details about soil and water parameters benefit all hobbyists, not just biotope aquariums.  Knowing more details about what the natural habitat provides for the plants and animals is key to proper husbandry for your setup.

We can learn more by collecting information from locations.  Going into habitats and writing down test results is what this project is about.  Simply taking a few tests for things like pH, CO2, or even topsoil depth can help hobbyists gain more knowledge and become better keepers.

These tests can also be important even if you don’t have access to test kits.  Important data can be collected in photos that can help recreate displays.  Substrate, surrounding vegetation, insects, fish, and amphibian species can be very useful and important also.  In habitat, all these pieces fit together to make a biotope.  Knowing more of these pieces is key to successful breeding programs and propagation techniques.  Even small amounts of data can be useful.

All this information will be collected and compiled.  Articles will be written and all species and data for one location will be available.  Searching for a particular species will reveal where they live, and what other species cohabitate with them.  Plants will be also available as well as soil and water parameters.

Take a few minutes and collect data from a particular location.  Write it down and submit it to us.  Also if you are learning about a biotope check out the website for information supporting your next aquarium or terrarium build.  Conserve, preserve, cultivate.


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