Buy Now! Plant Tissue Culture: A Home Based Guide (How to Practice Plant Tissue Culture on a Budget)

Buy Now to Learn How to Practice Plant Tissue Culture at Home

Do you want to grow more plants faster and in less space? If so, this how-to guide is for you.

Plant tissue culture can be done at home without expensive lab grade gear. Inside, you will find easy and affordable alternatives to supplies and equipment.

Houseplant prices are skyrocketing this year. Some houseplants are selling on auction sites for ten thousand dollars or more. Supplement your income or add to your collection by growing more plants at home. Anyone that can cook dinner can practice micropropagation of plants in a compact space.

If You Can Bake a Cake You Can Produce Tissue Cultured Plants!

In This Book You Will Learn…

  • What you need to start a successful lab at home in a compact space
  • How to use your equipment and supplies as easily as possible
  • What each stage does and how to easily perform the tasks
  • How to get your favorite plants into tissue culture
  • Why you should be using plant tissue culture to grow to your potential
  • How to grow out your tissue cultured plants for outside or sale

Aquarium plants, houseplants, garden plants, recreational plants, carnivorous plants, orchids, mosses, and more can quickly and easily be multiplied. Many plants you see at garden centers are propagated by plant tissue culture and you can do it too!

Turn one plant into thousands quickly. In the amount of time it takes to grow a cutting to produce new shoots to make more cuttings you can have hundreds of plants in many species. It also allows you to use a kitchen corner or a small room as a lab area that will give you positive results.

Keep up with the demand and changing tastes of the plant hobby. Propagate plants faster with tissue culture and keep up with your demand for more plants.

Buy Now on Amazon. Available printed and eBook formats.

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