The Whole World is Suffering From Deforestation

It is the sad reality, but unfortunately, it seems that the international community only cares about the Amazon forest devastation.

The whole world is suffering from deforestation.These shocking images clearly show the huge environmental attacks caused over the last two decades in Mozambique by the economic groups operating in the country in the timber extraction sector, particularly Chinese groups.

In other parts of central Africa, the scenario is becoming more and more the same. It is reported that in Angola the forests of Maiombe, Lunda (North and South), Moxico and Cuando-Cubango have also already been severely cleared.

Timber traffic is flowing across the southern border of Angola and although that area in the North of Namibia is a desert, it has started exporting timber in recent years, which is a real miracle.

My friends, you can be sure that the biotopes from which our beloved fishes came are in serious danger of disappearing. And if we do not help to warn the world about this we will have no one to mourn for them.

This gives me nausea…

-José Guilherme Moreira

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