Planted Paludarium Build With Foggers

It isn’t difficult to create a paludarium with a fogging or misting system.  Doing it in a stylish manner is the hard part.

A plumbing system is laid out and installed to go to the main system under the stand.

The pump is placed in a protective area made from acrylic.  Carefully it is positioned and surrounded by filter media.  The enclosure and media helps keep sediment from entering the fogging system.

Biomedia is placed inside the filter media to house beneficial bacteria and act as filtration.

Glass is drilled to allow the plumbing to be removed easily at the junction when it is time to clean the filter media.

Hardscape is placed into the paludarium.  Carefully it is positioned and inspected for the best visual and functional properties.

Once the hardscape is in place filter media will be placed into the voids to avoid fish becoming trapped or having future issues with fish accessing areas they shouldn’t be able to go.

Once all the hardscape and foam is in place a mixture of media and clay will be forced into the areas on top of the foam.  Substrate is to be added and filled to the paludarium level for Archer fish.  Many species of fish are suitable for this environment.  With size and heat as factors, other species can be involved such as insects or even tree frogs.

Moss, bromeliad, fern, mini orchid, and a type of Selaginela will be added to this display.


Photos:  Dino


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