Prepping Plants for the Biotope One Plant Library Tissue Culture Program

Just showing you guys what goes into the Biotope One Plant Library, and tissue culturing plants. I had a stem of Lindernia tamilnadensis. I put it in a 32 oz deli tub and let it grow out until it made several stems.

I did this because I want to make sure the plant grows and I have enough material to tissue culture again in the event the explant dies. So I’ve grown out enough material to make a few more tubs and take material for an explant to put into tissue culture. If I put it directly into tissue culture and kill it while I sterilize it I have to find it again.

Once it grows enough I start more containers and begin propagating it fully. This ensures that I don’t kill my only plant material experimenting on it and I’m able to pass off some additional specimens to other hobbyists faster to get it more spread out.

Lindernia tamilnadensis was found I believe in 2014 in Southern India. We did not have this in the plant Library previously but thanks to generous and caring hobbyist we do now.

I just wanted to show that it is not as simple as taking a plant and tissue culturing it or doing some simple cultivation. There’s an entire process to help mitigate the loss of species in our collection. Each potting mix is carefully created to meet the needs of the species we are working with. Between every species, the work area is clean and sprayed with a sterilant to avoid cross-contamination. This also helps to reduce any fungus, viruses, or pests.

Thanks for taking a look at some more details of the Biotope One Plant Library. If you have any questions or comments please let us hear them.

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