Introduction to Plant Tissue Culture

Vessel of Nepenthes in Home Plant Tissue CulturePlant Tissue Culture: A Home-Based Guide (How to Practice Plant Tissue Culture on a Budget)

Using plant tissue culture it is possible to grow thousands of plants a month in a small room or area. Easily start practicing plant tissue culture at the hobby level with tremendous success. Tens of thousands of dollars of equipment isn’t needed to start. All that’s needed are some readily available items and materials. Everything you need can be found at your local stores or easily ordered online.

Some plants that are tissue cultured with excellent success are aquarium plants, carnivorous plants, and many terrestrial ornamental plants. Begonias, ferns, and even vegetables are readily tissue cultured and produced in huge quantities with minimal effort. An easy and favorite tissue culture plant among beginners and seasoned practitioners is the aquarium plant cryptocoryne.

Storage Racks, Plastic Totes, and Shop Lighting in my Plant Tissue Culture Project.

Plant tissue culture can help spread plants and offer hard to find plants into hobbyists collections. In Borneo, Indonesia, and across the world plant hunters are collecting wild plants before they are decimated by palm oil plantations. This is not a sustainable practice. Tissue culturing these disappearing plants can help keep them alive in the hobby even though they are quickly being lost to deforestation.

Jungles and forests will continue to lose plants because of habitat destruction and over-collecting. Countless endemic plants and undescribed plants have already been lost to just these two practices. There are continual reports of habitat that once held endemic plants, plants that grow nowhere else on earth, being destroyed and lost forever. Why not continue them in cultivation?

Plant Tissue Culture: A Home-Based Guide (How to Practice Plant Tissue Culture on a Budget) Buy the book now on Amazon printed or eBook.

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