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BiotopeOneStampIf you have a passion for the hobby and like learning and sharing with some of the best in the hobby consider volunteering to help spread new ideas and established knowledge.

We can do this as a group through working together and sharing knowledge and information.  Newcomers to the hobby can learn from more experienced hobbyists and work together to find new solutions and create new ideas.

Do you want to help share knowledge about the flora and fauna of the aquarium, terrarium, and natural hobbies?

There are many ways that you can help others while growing at the same time.  Working with experienced hobbyists in a positive environment is an excellent way to advance in the hobby.  We are always happy to hear from writers and photographers but there are many areas that we could use your help with.  Some of these areas are:

  • Publishes articles for entry level hobbyists to advanced projects and ideas.
  • Covers areas of aquariums, terrariums, and similar nature related hobbies.
  • Using aquarium and terrarium plants as ornamentals for Biotops, insolariums, and wabi kusa.
  • Propagating plants to share among hobbyists and reduce strain on wild collected plants.
  • An environment where multifaceted information can unite to create new ideas and projects.

Contributors and volunteers are being sought out for many areas related to nature hobbies.  We need help with writing and social media optimization.   Other areas include finding new material and ideas to investigate further as well as trending topics.

Even if you don’t like to write you can help with articles.  If you are knowledgeable about a topic we can arrange to have your information edited into an article format and you still get to keep the credits for your article.  If you have knowledge and information about a topic let us know and we can work together on it.

  • Writers for content about the natural hobbies like aquarium, terrarium, and ornamental displays.
  • Editors to craft articles from interviews and non article formats into publishable media.
  • Graphic artists
  • Photographers
  • Social media engineers
  • Innovative hobbyists and professionals who like to share their ideas with others.
  • Collecting leads for articles like little known projects and ideas to form an article.
  • Translating articles you have written into English.

The website achieves from 25 to 30 thousand page views a month that linger long enough to read at least one or two articles.  Search engines provide the vast majority of links to the website and shows that there is interest in the direction the group is taking.  There is no ad  revenue, no sponsors, and no other form of income or promotional incentive at this time but it wouldn’t be ruled out in the near future.

If you would like to help contribute you can contact us at the form here:

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Subjects we are looking to cover but not limited to are:

Freshwater aquariums
Saltwater aquariums
Planted Aquariums
Reef tanks
Lighting for all types of uses
Fertilization of plants
Propagation of plants
Graphic Design
Social media
Carnivorous plants
Terrestrial plants
Wabi Kusa
and other related topics.

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