A Most Amazing Aquarium Store in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Fish Store

Occasionally we see pictures of some crazy fish shops but this is another level.  It is common to see fish pre-bagged in some parts of the world.  This is a well  stocked example of this type of fish store.   If you can take your eyes off the bags hanging …

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Benefits of Catappa Leaves in the Aquarium

By Scott Fellman If you know me, I sound like a “broken record” (wow, that’s a really outdated expression, huh?), blabbing on and on daily about the virtues of Catappa leaves, wood, and aquatic botanicals. I really get excited about leaves! Specifically, Catappa leaves! Catappa leaves have been used by …

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Micro Planted Tank

This 1.75g vase turned 30 months on the 26 of November 2015. It has a dirt base with med gravel cap. It houses red Rili shrimp and by the look of it, they really enjoy the vase. The key to having s successful cryptocoryne species vase is to let it …

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Landscape Pinguicula

My love for all things botany is gigantic.  Since I was a little kid I have loved nature.  That is why my inventory looks as it does.  Currently there are over 300 different kinds of plants from many genres and groups in my collection. For about 3 years I have …

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Custom Wood Terrarium with David Hermans

We have seen several DIY builds on Biotope One but this terrarium is an exceptional build.  Built by David Hermans from rough cut lumber and other materials.  You can see that it is an unorthodox shape and extraordinary design.  From start to finish you can tell that thought was put …

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The Venerable Mattenfilter

Mattenfilters have been around since the 1950s in one form or another.  They have adapted slightly here and there to newer technology and ideas but the same principal applies.  They are efficient and easy to maintain for a large number of tanks.  They make a great system to use in …

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Carnivorous Plant Ball

While it isnt quite kokedama or shitakusa it IS a giant mossball.  After seeing the giant floating project by Oliver Knott I decided to use some material laying around and build something.  I did have to go out and get the styrofoam ball.  It could have been made without the …

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The Tokyo Reptile Show Photographs

Here are the photos from the Tokyo Reptile show.  A HUGE thank you to William Exotique for sharing the photos with us of the Tokyo Reptile Show 2015.   We were going to write about this but a picture is worth a thousand words.  We dont now what to say …

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