A Most Amazing Aquarium Store in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Fish Store
Occasionally we see pictures of some crazy fish shops but this is another level.  It is common to see fish pre-bagged in some parts of the world.  This is a well  stocked example of this type of fish store.


Hong Kong Fish Store Bags of Plants Ready to Go

If you can take your eyes off the bags hanging on the wall you’ll notice hardscape tubs lining the floor.


Hong Kong Fish Store Display Tanks

The display tanks scattered around the shop are excellent showcases of products and plants they carry.


Hong Kong Fish Store Driftwood

Driftwood in all shapes and sizes wait for someone to select them for designing an aquascape.


Hong Kong Fish Store Bagged Fish

Driftwood, plants, and iwagumi aren’t the only things available.  It would appear that the shopkeeper is anticipating a lot of fish sales to have them prepackaged and waiting.


Hong Kong Fish Store Bagged Angelfish

How they keep and manage this amount of fish in this condition is unknown to us but it would seem that they have to know what they are doing to have satisfactory results over the course of a weekend.  Regardless most of the fish keeping community hasn’t seen a fish and plant store like this one.

Photos courtesy Gavin Choo



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