Cubing Up Alternanthera ‘Red’ Aquarium Plant From Tissue Culture

20150505_201945626_iOSIt is time to pull out the vessel of alternanthera reineckii red from the tissue culture tub.  There were approximately 200 to 300 plantlets in this one vessel I had been growing out.  Each rockwool cube received about 3 to 5 plantlets in each cube and they will growout for a short period of time to acclimate then go to the greenhouse for further growing.

When they have been acclimated they will be ready to go into a terrarium emersed above water or into an aquarium under water.  When they come out of the vessels from tissue culture they need to get used to less humidity for emersed growth.  At this point there are absolutely no snails, duckweed, or anything else in the line of contaminates.  They are grown out without harsh fertilizer, no plant hormones or chemicals, and pesticides or biocides, making them safe for any enclosure.  It is a lot of work for what it is but to get plants of this quality makes it worth the extra effort.

About half of my plants are done this way and the other half are grown in the conventional manner of propagating through cuttings, divisions, and seeds.

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