Conservation Through Cultivation Benefits us All

habitat2Deforestation from farming, logging, and development is rampant around the world.  Many plants and animals that only live in these small habitats are being destroyed.  Biotope One started out trying to get more people aware of these issues in a small grass roots way.

Cultivation programs and breeding programs in key areas around the world create awareness, brings valuable resources to a global audience, and gets things done in big ways through small packages.

Conservation Through Cultivation is an excellent model to maintain these at-risk species and to educate consumers about what is happening to our earth.  Breeding and propagating programs in the Untied States and abroad offer relief to at-risk plants and animals and help bring awareness to the issues at ground level.

crypt undulataThe first steps of Biotope One included articles about these exciting but threatened and endangered places.  Shortly after, we started a plant tissue culture project to try to bring more plants into hobbyists reach and to help reduce wild collected specimens which further encroaches on already low numbers.  The premise behind this is that those plants and animals in the hobbyists collections bring with them awareness of the environments that they came from.  Creating a value from plants that are being razed over for palm oil plantations brings awareness and hopefully action.

The premise behind this is those plants and animals in hobbyists’ collections bring with them an awareness of the environments that they came from.  Creating a value for plants that are being razed over for palm oil plantations brings awareness and hopefully action when people see they have a monetary value.  Unfortuantely monetary value is the only way some see our environment.

Biotope One works to further its efforts in conservation through cultivation. Biotope One works to propagate rare and hard to get plant species in its small tissue culture lab. Producing a large amount of plants reduces its scarcity and reduces its value to more hobbyist affordable prices.  Lower prices also mean it is spread more rapidly thorughout hte hobby.  A huge point is that plant hunters have less incentive to deplete what is left of small wild stands since they bring lower prices.

Biotope One is dedicated to bringing awareness to the destruction of our jungles, forests, rivers, and lands. In order to better do this Biotope One and its team of founders, contributors, and visionaries focus attention to design and website work to better disseminate information about how to prevent more loss of valuable habitat around the world and in our own backyards

imageThere are volumes of useful and intriguing articles we have published online but Biotope One also works on various programs to better help hobbyists and collectors of plants at all levels. One of the most recent project was Agrarium, a liquid fertilizer for aquarium plants that produced a simple but very effective liquid fertilizer, to ensure that plant health was good and hobbyist obtained the most from their plants. Happy and successful hobbyists are key in maintaining a link between plants and their longevity in cultivation and conservation.

We would love to hear any recommendations you may have for future projects and programs for Biotope One.  Send us an email and let us know how you feel about our venture into Conservation Through Cultivation.  We will be adding some mail in programs soon to help spread the awareness of palm oil plantations and other threats to the jungles and forests.  Keep checking in for more articles on hobby information and how you can learn to produce exuberant displays in your home to enjoy.

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