Plant Growth Regulators for Plant Tissue Culture

Plant growth regulators and their molecular weightPlant cells have the ability to create cells for leaves, roots, and other plant parts and by using plant growth regulators we can manipulate their growth. Plant growth regulators, or PGRs, influence plant cells directly to make them grow roots, shoots, or callus in our cultures.


Cytokinins are the most important plant growth regulators used in tissue culture. Cytokinins are plant growth regulators that primarily create cell division.


Auxins are another popular plant growth regulator. Auxins primarily contribute to better rooting.  This could save a lot of time in production.


Gibberellins are worth mentioning here also because GA3 has a place in your tissue culture toolkit. GA3 treatments are useful for seeds to break dormancy in some seeds.

Plant Tissue Culture: A Home-Based Guide ) How to Practice Plant Tissue Culture on a Budget breaks down how to use plant growth regulators effectively. Learn how to measure out plant growth regulators. Making 1mg/ml solutions is easily explained in this how tog et started guide for home-based plant tissue culture.

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