Materials Needed for Plant Tissue Culture

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Plant tissue culture has many aspects of the advanced scientific world.  Autoclaves and chemicals being the most pronounced.  There’s no reason you cannot practice plant tissue culture at the hobby level and not have high returns in plants.  Achieving success may sometimes mean substituting or rethinking what you are doing, but it can definitely be done.

These materials and supplies will get you through plant tissue culture from start to finish.  No question about it.  These same materials and tools have created tens of thousands of plants for me quickly.  They can do the same for you as well.


These make for a sterile area to work with your cultures.  All work must be undertaken in a place that is free from falling dust and other contamination.  The best tool is a laminar flow hood but may be cost-prohibitive to the home hobbyist. 


Autoclave for Sterilizing Vessels

Vessels must be sterile.  An autoclave makes steam heat in excess of 220 degrees which kills nearly all contaminants.  Autoclaves are reliable but expensive.



Vessels hold your media and prevent contamination of your cultures.  They need only be of a suitable size and easy to work with, as long as they have some sort of lid.

There are many commercially available containers for plant tissue culture.


Staying Sterile and Safe

Washing explant material for the initiation stage of new plants is a must. Everything must be clean and sterile. Including your hands.


Measuring Scale

Accurate measurements are important.  Lots of materials are weighed to make solutions and media. Learning how to properly measure powders and make solutions in imperative.

Measuring Spoons and Cups

Measuring is an important part of accuracy.  Use a protocol for measuring so that you get used to and get faster.  Accuracy and consistency are important to success.


Small Hand Tools

There are a few small hand tools you will need.  They are all readily available from pharmacies and similar outlets.  They don’t have to be expensive.


PH Meter

PH meters help make consistent media which will greatly benefit your output.


Common General Supplies

General supplies  are easy to find.  Most don’t need to be name brand or even new.

Cooking Utensils

Making media requires that it is heated properly.  Don’t mix your kitchen wares with your plant tissue culture items.


Media Supplies

Ingredients for plant tissue culture media are available at most pharmacies if you want to make a DIY media. For better results, premixed media is recommended.

Hobby Level Plant Tissue Culture Can be Done Well

Nearly everything you need to perform plant tissue culture at the hobbyist level and be very successful is available rather easily.  Some are cheaper, some achieve slightly fewer returns, but they work.  Some even have a better return on investment.

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