Safety Precautions Practicing Plant Tissue Culture

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Safety is a very important part of plant tissue culture. Potential safety issues have been brought to your attention when possible.  Products you purchase will have their own safety recommendations.  Be sure to follow them.

Procedures outlined in this booklet follow generally adopted steps and precautions in the field of plant tissue culture and lab work.  When presenting a known hazard we try to advise you.  We cannot be responsible for your oversight when purchasing and using products, however.  We hold no responsibility in your actions using them.

Your work environment and practices dictate your own personal safety as well as those around you. Use caution and common sense. We cannot accept any responsibility for your actions.

Use common sense and foresight. Use caution and care when working in a lab environment and with chemicals and tools.

-Wear eye protection and latex or nitrile gloves when handling chemicals.

-Make sure work is carried out in a suitable environment with adequate ventilation and lighting.

-Read all owners manuals and labels to become familiar with each products operating instructions, safety precautions, warnings, and dangers.  Mixing products may be hazardous.

Use common sense and foresight. Use caution and care when working in a lab environment and with chemicals and tools.

Make sure care is taken while pouring liquids, using heating substances, and storing items that are sharp or otherwise dangerous.  Label ALL chemicals thoroughly and clearly.

-Be aware that alcohol and ethanol are flammable and use precautions to avoid open flame around alcohol and ethanol.

-Use protective gear when using chemicals and plant growth regulators such as protective gloves and protective eyewear.  Using a coverall protective suit is a good idea to protect skin and clothing.

-Wear a disposable jumpsuit to avoid chemicals getting on your clothing or skin. Some chemicals can cause you internal organ failure if mishandled.  We avoid using these types of chemicals because of this but there is a degree of danger in exposure to some chemicals and compounds.

-Handle and dispose of all materials in a safe and responsible manner.

Use your brain!  Do not be careless!  Do not perform activities while rushed, intoxicated, or smoking, eating or drinking.  The use of alcohol and drugs while practicing plant tissue culture is not advised.

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