Tissue Cultured Cryptocoryne Undulata Red

crypt undulata redOne of the first plants that I put into tissue culture was cryptocorynes. Plant tissue culture is a great way to multiply plants that multiply slowly naturally.

Many people think that plants simply explode and grow to overtake your culture vessels instantly. This is not the case and it is a lot of work. I would go as far as saying that plant tissue culture is not easy. However it can be extremely rewarding.

Here is a picture of a baby food jar growing cryptocoryne undulata red. It will stay in this jar for a month or so and then get divided. Some of it will get taken out and grown on so that it can be put into an aquarium, a terrarium, or use for wabikusa perhaps.

As you can see from the photo there are a lot of plantlets in that vessel. Maybe 100 or more in some cultures. These kinds of pictures make it look easy because they were successful.

Overall I have been more unsuccessful than I have succeeded. However I continued on even though my failure rate is high. When I don’t fail though it is a win and the reward is more plants than I can use myself.

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