DIY Clay Root Tab Fertilizer

DIY Clay Root Tabs

DIY root tabs made with dry fertilizers are an excellent way to nourish your aquarium economically and get great results.  Lots of people use dry fertilizers to dose dry, or they mix them with water to make a solution and dose that way.  There is also a way to make root …

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LED Aquarium Lighting DIY

Featured Image LED DIY Aquarium

My journey into LED aquarium lighting started about two years ago when i decided to get a small tank for my desk.  I got a small 5 gallon tank for the desk to look at instead of a screen all day to break the monotony. It had a cheap, and …

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Treating Ich With Medication and No Heat Will Lower Stress

Ichthyophthirius multifiliis is an aquarium malady that many hobbyists experience at some point in the aquarium hobby.  The parasite shows as a number of small white dots on the body of the fish that resemble grains of salt.  Ich, also called white spot, reproduces quickly and spreads readily.  If not treated, …

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The Venerable Mattenfilter

Mattenfilters have been around since the 1950s in one form or another.  They have adapted slightly here and there to newer technology and ideas but the same principal applies.  They are efficient and easy to maintain for a large number of tanks.  They make a great system to use in …

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DIY Giant Cladophora Ball

Oliver Knott built this amazing planted piece using readily available materials.  We would like to thank him for the time to photograph and explain the process and show off some of his amazing talent and techniques. The first step is to install a mount to the bottom of the glass to anchor …

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The Central Scene Magazine #7 Out Now

The Central Scene issue #7 is out now.  The Central Scene North and Central American Cichlid Keeping Magazine is filled with photographs and information for aquarium keepers interested in cichlids from that region of the world. New world cichlids offer a fascinating look into the aquarium hobby and the natural world.  This magazine pulls …

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The Life and Times of Tissue Cultured Cryptocoryne

Ive shown the photos of the agar gelled tissue culture vessels that line the shelves in our makeshift laboratory.  Many people have contacted us asking what happens to them next.  Most often times they are deflasked and planted into an aquarium, wabi sabi, or terrarium if they aren’t traded off.  …

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Agrarium Dose and Grow for the Planted Tank Beginner

Agrarium Dosing Chart

Growing aquatic plants in your aquarium doesn’t have to be extremely difficult or require expensive tools.  Of course they will help and as you become more experienced you may begin to utilize them to your advantage.  For the average beginner this can be overwhelming and expensive.  There are a multitude …

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Echinodorus Sword Plants Make Great Emersed Plants

With the popularization of different styles of aquascaping and the popularity of riparian plants more plants are being kept in emersed form.  In nature most aquarium plants will grow above the water line in an emersed state during low water times, like summer.  While they do grow above water part …

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Ooia Grabowskii (sp?)

I ordered some plants and as an extra special surprise of unknown certainty I obtained some plants without knowing what I was to get. Usually I like to know what I’m getting, or at least how to take care of it.  There was one plant wrapped in a paper towel …

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