The Central Scene Magazine #7 Out Now

10934000_925580500799622_4261930817067111235_nThe Central Scene issue #7 is out now.  The Central Scene North and Central American Cichlid Keeping Magazine is filled with photographs and information for aquarium keepers interested in cichlids from that region of the world.

New world cichlids offer a fascinating look into the aquarium hobby and the natural world.  This magazine pulls the natural biotope into the aquarium keepers realm.

This issue of Central Scene includes articles about cryptoheros spilurus, Parachromis friedrichsthalii, and the well known Midas cichlid and more.

One of the most striking facets of these magazines Lee Nuttall publishes himself is the collection of photographs from the natural settings these fish come from.  There are other resources available but not at this price for what you get.

It is becoming more and more prevalent especially throughout the cichlid keeping community to keep more natural settings, often replicating the natural flora and fauna.  Not only is the magazine a great way to learn about fish you aren’t familiar with but also a great way to see how they live and where they come from.

The digest size magazine is available also in back issues.  The previous 6 back issues are available in limited numbers as well.  The all issues are available on a first come first served basis.  Number 7 issue can be obtained through Lee Nuttall as well as the back issues by contacting him at or by his Facebook page.

parachromisWhether you are a seasoned cichlid keeper or just beginning, these publications offer a wealth of knowledge and insight into places you may very likely never visit to see for yourself.  They are definitely worth checking out and make great reading and learning material.

archocentrusUK £6.00 GBP
Europe £7.50 GBP
North America £8.00 GBP

For Payment details, please email: or PM via the Facebook page The Central Scene.

Back issues are available in very limited quantities, please send email or pm for details.

Magazines are first come first served, so please don’t hesitate to purchase, especially if you have collected previous issues.

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