The cryptocoryne is a great aquarium and terrarium plant that can be grown well emersed or submerged.  Emersed grown plants tend to grow faster than those underwater submerged plants do but don’t color up as brightly as their underwater counterparts do. The versatility of the cryptocoryne allows it to be …

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Leif Johansen About Apistogramma

Leif ‘Apisto’ Johansen has quite a fishroom with around 30 tanks making up the collection.  Among his holdings are what most would deem a very nice collection of Apistogrammas, a dwarf cichlid from South America.  You wouldn’t at first think that a dedicated hobbyist living in Norway would have such a thriving interest. “I guess …

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Dipping Your Plants to Lose the Algae

We all have problems with algae in our tanks as some point in time.  When we have adjusted our parameters to combat the algal growth we can take steps to remove unwanted algae from our plants.  Other times they are plants we have obtained from another source and we want …

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Turface As a Substrate

Today I bought a couple bags of Turface at my local landscape supply house. I have bought Turface before and it was always the large white chips of kilndried clay. Today I was surprised when I opened the bag and it is a bit lighter than Flora Max.   Ill see …

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Dr. Alex Ploeg Ornamental Fish Industry’s Secretary General Claimed in Plane Crash

Among those killed in the Malaysian Airlines flight 17 that was shot down was Dr. Alex Ploeg of the Ornamental Fish Industry.  Ploeg who was traveling with his wife Edith, their son Robert and his friend Robin also died in the attack on the Malaysian airliner. Ploeg was the Secretary General of …

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Tissue Cultured Cryptocorynes

Here are some of the cryptocorynes that I am working on for the plant library for Biotope One.  So far there are about 8 to 10 crypt varieties in some form of cultuivation or another.  Some are easier to start than others, and some grow faster than others.  Some plants …

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