Terrestrial Plants

Echinodorus Sword Plants Make Great Emersed Plants

With the popularization of different styles of aquascaping and the popularity of riparian plants more plants are being kept in emersed form.  In nature most aquarium plants will grow above the water line in an emersed state during low water times, like summer.  While they do grow above water part …

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DIY Hanging Plant Board For Potted Plant Display

Orchid keepers often mount orchids on special mounts that hang on the wall.  After creating a few of these orchid mounts I thought maybe it would be nice to be able to this with regular terrestrial plants.  After some research and designs were put on paper a simple protype was …

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Ooia Grabowskii (sp?)

I ordered some plants and as an extra special surprise of unknown certainty I obtained some plants without knowing what I was to get. Usually I like to know what I’m getting, or at least how to take care of it.  There was one plant wrapped in a paper towel …

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Bertolonia From Seed

Germinating seeds of bertolonia is not that difficult. One of the best ways is to mix a potting mix of half African violet soil and one half perlite. On top of this add a thin layer of African violet potting soil a few millimeters thick. Use a tall 32 ounce …

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Terrariums Quick and Easy

I ran across small terrariums when I was trying to keep specimen plants inside.  I had so many plants and so little room to keep them.  Keeping terrariums is fun, especially when you keep larger enclosures, but often times smaller containers are overlooked. With an overabundance of cryptocorynes and some …

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