DIY Hanging Plant Board For Potted Plant Display


Orchid keepers often mount orchids on special mounts that hang on the wall.  After creating a few of these orchid mounts I thought maybe it would be nice to be able to this with regular terrestrial plants.  After some research and designs were put on paper a simple protype was mocked up.  It worked.

It’s just a simple wooden board with a notch to keep the upper part of the plastic plant pot secure while the base rests on a small platform.  It isn’t permanent, and would probably fall out if it were hit hard enough.  However it makes placing terrestrial plants in the hanger very easy.  Changing plants out is easy as well.

Rotating plants was probably the biggest benefit to this hanger.  Such a simple board has plenty of versatility.  Easily put a new plant on the wall everyday or just move it to a sunny spot occasionally.  Watering is also easy and mess free as plants can be watered elsewhere and allowed to drain before returning to the mount.

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