West Papua Neon Rainbow Biotope Aquarium

Biotope Aquarium Neon Rainbow West PapuaTechnical Description: Mamberamo River West Papua.

Dimensions of tank: Length 90cm x Width 60cm x Height 50cm

Lighting: 1 x t8 grow bulb 1 x t8 sun bulb.

Filtration: Eheim Canister Filter 2215.

Hardscape: River rocks seasoned with algae.

Substrate: Mixture of white sand and sharp river sand and small river rocks with some rainforest leaf litter.

Driftwood: Hard rainforest driftwood.

Water temperature: 26-29°C

Water parameters: pH 7.5-8.0, Alkalinity 30-75 mg/L, Conductivity 410-500 µS/cm, and hardness levels of 80-120 mg/L

Biotope Aquarium Neon Rainbow West Papua

Melanotaenia praecox

Other Suitable Fish:
Marosatherina ladigesi

Vallisneria nana
Aponogeton sp.

Biotope description: The Mamberamo is a large river on the island of New Guinea, in the Indonesian province of Papua. It is the largest river in Indonesia by volume of discharge. The source of the river is formed from the confluence of its upper tributaries, the Tariku, and Taritatu Rivers.

By Jason Sulda
Photos by Jason Sulda.

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