Cryptocoryne Tissue Culture Rooted in Plastic Bins Ex Vitro

Tissue culture has several stages and rooting is one of them. We can often skip rooting in vitro by putting plantlets on a moist or wet substrate. Some plants do better on perlite or sand but some will start on potting mix.  This saves time and resources skipping a step in plant tissue culture.

We can acclimate plants to ambient humidity, root them, and allow them to grow all in one step.  Cryptocoryne will root somewhat easily once rootlets begin. Mature vessels are best as newer TC tubs don’t form roots early on but concentrate on shoot formations.

This vessel is ready to either go to multiplication or be rooted. I’ve chosen to root this tc tub and it has approximately 100 plantlets.  I start by cleaning the media off of what rootlets it may have. As plant growth regulators that cause multiplication are metabolized rootlets begin to form.

Tissue culture cups from your local aquarium store can be planted out emersed as well. Whether you TC them or you buy them help them adjust to emersed life by using a storage bin with a clear lid. After a few days to a week crack the lid slightly. Plants generally grow better with some airflow.  Make sure that they don’t dry out too rapidly.  If they are drying out too fast either spray them with a fine mist of water or close the lid more to retain humidity.

Cryptocoryne taken from tissue culture is cut into small clumps.

There are several types of media suitable for rooting. Perlite, sand, or inert media will generally work. Plantlets just need support and moisture. Rooting time varies by plants as a species. Check them once a week by gently rocking or pulling them to see if roots are starting well. Once they are rooted use a balanced fertilizer for optimal growth.

After the plants are large enough, or leave them till you need them, pull them out of the substrate carefully. If roots are extensive prune the roots before planting them in your tank or wabi kusa.

Rooting out plants outside of the TC vessels saves time and effort. It’s a faster way to grow plants too as emersed offers excellent growth. Give it a try whether you buy TC plants or tissue culture them at home yourself.

Cryptocoryne taken from tissue culture.

Here are some of the items I commonly use to do this.

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