Rooting Begonias in Water

cupsofcuttings Here is another useful use of disposable plastics. You can find a cup size to fit most of your needs and use good quality foam sheet.  You do need a drainage hole about 1 cm up the side of the pot to regulate the water level.

I grow almost anything in these pots, cuttings,small delicate ferns,seeds,spores and of course my mosses.


The roots can be seen growing through the cut to fit foam.  Aquarium filter foam is what I use and you may find that upholstery foam contains fire retardant.


I use Cinnamon to disinfect my cuttings and once rooted I use organic fertilizer once a week.


The pots are stored in trays and in a vertical rack system in good light but no direct sunlight.

Give it a try I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

by Paul Blowers
Photos courtesy Paul Blowers

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