The Release of Bleher’s Biotopes

blehers biotopesBleher’s Biotopes is an excellent new resource for a  biotope aquarist or any other that enjoys nature at its finest.  There are thousands of pictures in the 460 page book.  Along with all that there are detailed descriptions of over 500 rivers and lakes.  Add to that an estimated 2500 fish species mentioned and shown (with many new ones), and nearly 500 different aquatic plant names and you can see why it is a must have.

“This book contains histories and field records of nearly half of Heiko Bleher’s 910 field trips, shows the worldwide destruction of aquatic habitats – past and present – and records many species extinct in nature because of mans endless pollution, damming, destroying the basis of all life forms: The freshwaters. This book is a timeless document for todays and for future generations; a definite must for anyone who wants to know about aquatic nature past and present.”

The long awaited Bleher’s Biotopes by Heiko Bleher has been released and is available for order.  It is available to order online through Aquapress Bleher  for 89 Euros, or approximately 115 US dollars, plus shipping.

Having an interest in the Westfalia Vanagon I asked him about a book on his expedition vehicles, seeing how the Westy has become envious.

south america“In this book there are abstracts of hundreds of my expeditions… And thousands of photos!” Heiko says.

This is an excellent addition to anyones aquarium reference library.  It is a study of much of Heiko Bleher’s life work and it very well represents what we find at Biotope One to be a worthwhile and important project in the matter of documentation and bringing that information to the fingertips of aquarists and naturalists everywhere.

“In my new book, I do not only show so many biotopes from around the globe, but also give the coordinates of almost every single biotope – in South America alone over 50 complete different ones. And the continents have been drawn according to what I saw, what remained at the date and year shown of the primary forest …” Heiko explains.

Right now the book is available only through Aquapress Bleher online and must be shipped into the North American market.  He and some books may be available at The Aquatic Experience in Chicago on November 7-8.  A distributorship will be in the works soon and it may be introduced readily into the North American distributorship.

You can order your book now at

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