Live Long Fiber Sphagnum Moss

Long Fiber MossBeing positioned in the great Pacific Northwest we are in a great place to grow live long fiber sphagnum moss.  Our moss is grown in a open floor greenhouse in trays.  The steadily moist and raining environment here is home to one of the best deciduous rainforests in the world.  Seattle areas receive around 37 inches of rain a year on average while some specific areas receive 115 inches of precipitation a year or more.

Having this environment certainly helps grow moss but there still is a lot of work and knowledge involved in growing sheets of it.  This is not green dyed moss like you might find in craft stores.  This is the good stuff, watered with rainwater and tended to but not pampered.

Live sphagnum moss makes an excellent addition to an enclosure with high humidity or moist areas surrounding water.  Mist systems are great but not necessary as long as sufficient moisture is available for it to wick moisture though its fibers through capillary action.  it is great for growing carnivorous plants, striking their leaf pullings, and growing cryptocorynes in.

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