Wall Mounted Plank With Blood Sorrel

This is more like kokedama instead of epiphyte mount.

I was in the shop cleaning up and headed to the greenhouse that’s now cooling down and saw this plant growing happily.  It is hardy and attractive so I grabbed my fly tying bobbin and made it up with potting mix and netting.

The moss I scraped from areas around the yard and stuck it to the root ball and wrapped it with thread using the bobbin.  The moss will grow around the string in a week or two and it wont be visible.  I tried wrapping the kokedama to the piece of hanger but it wasn’t attractive.  I took the thread loose and tied it off on the root ball.  I used a zip tie to affix the kokedama to the hanger.

Afterward I soaked it for a few minutes and let drain. I  mounted the backing board on a nail on the wall and slipped the French cleat hanger onto the backing.  In the future when it needs watering or fertilizing I just soak it for a brief period and let it drain.

In the fertilization of the plant, the fertilizer is added to the soaking water in a weak solution once a week or as needed.  The French cleat allows for easy soaking and being made from cedar, the wood doesn’t decay like it would with pine or other similar woods.





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