Agrarium Dose and Grow Line of Fertilizers

agrariumThe Agrarium Dose and Grow fertilizers started as a simple means to maintain our plant library without measuring and calculating constantly.  With a lot of tanks and displays we needed something that was easy to dose.  We started with Agrarium All in One and from there made an entire array of fertilizers that would be easy to dose and useful for as wide a variety as possible.

The plant library has a wide variety of plants in a wide variety of containers.  In order to make dosing fertilizer faster and easier we had two choices, make all the tanks multiples of ten in gallons and do measurements from there, or make the fertilziers 1 milliliter per gallon.  We opted to make it the easier 1 milliliter per gallon, or 10 ml per 10 gallons.  Its much easier and much faster with less room for error when in a hurry.

Agrarium All In One

The All in One contains macro and micro nutrients.  Agrarium All in One contains a variety of nutrients plants need to not only grow, but thrive.  It contains the macronutrients that aquarium plants need for excellent growth, nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, while supplying micronutrients for great health and color.  It includes micronutrients such as chelated iron, boron, calcium, chelated zinc, molybdenum,and magnesium.  Other trace nutrients are added to enhance plant growth and nutrient uptake.  All these make for a healthy and colorful planted aquarium.

Doses at 1ml per gallon or 10ml per 10 gallons.

4.8 grams KNO3 potassium nitrate
2.2 grams KH2PO4 potassium phosphate mono
.5 grams ascorbic acid
.2 grams potassium sorbate
5 grams EDTA trace CSM +b

Fill to 1 liter with distilled water.


Agrarium Optimum

All plants need carbon in some form or another.  Some of our tanks are CO2 injected with pressurized tanks and solenoids delivered through a diffuser in the tank.  We couldn’t set up every tank and container with its own pressurized carbon dioxide tank and diffuser so we started making a liquid form with available carbon.

Agrarium Optimum delivers readily available easy to dose liquid form of carbon, an essential element for plants, in an easy to measure bottle.  Agrarium Optimum can also be used in tanks that have pressurized CO2 injected as a supplement to work alongside the gas form or alone as a sole source of carbon to help your plants grow the best they can.

Doses at 1ml per gallon or 10ml per 10 gallons.

288 ml Metricide 2.6% and fill with water to make 1 liter.


Agrarium Micro

Micronutrients are required by your plants for healthy growth and lush colorful foliage.  Agrarium Micro supplies these trace minerals so that your plants can form the healthy beautiful growth that you are looking for.  Plants need trace amounts of magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, boron, calcium, manganese, and more for proper growth and beauty of the whole plant, not just foliage.  There are also trace amounts of other vitamins and minerals to help boost your plants growth and colors.

Doses at 1ml per gallon or 10ml per 10 gallons.

5.8 grams CSM +b

Fill to 1 liter with distilled water.

Agrarium Nitrogen

Agrarium Nitrogen supplies the mainstay of plant growth necessities.  A readily available form of nitrogen that helps your plants grow the best that they can.  Having some plants in our plant library made it necessary to have additional nitrogen to supply to fast growing and nitrogen needy plants as a supplement in addition to Agrarium All in One.  Agrarium Nitrogen will help your plants obtain the nutrients they need to grow and prosper.

Doses at 1ml per gallon or 10ml per 10 gallons.

6.5 grams KNO3

Fill to 1 liter.


Agrarium Phosphate


Phosphates can be good and bad at the same time.  After all it can cause algal blooms and no one loves algae blooms in their planted tanks.  That’s why we used potassium phosphate to supply the plants with phosphorous when we needed it.  When used properly in a planted tank it will provide plants with the growth and nutrients they need to thrive without causing algae problems.

Doses at 1ml per gallon or 10ml per 10 gallons.

325 mg KH2PO4

Fill to 1 liter.

Agrarium Potassium


In some of our more heavily planted tanks leaves began to become yellow on older growth unless we dosed with potassium.  Agrarium Potassium provides the much needed nutrient for fast and healthy growth in all tanks, whether heavily planted or not.  Potassium is provided by a source readily available for your plants to use without adding additional imbalance the nitrogen or phosphate in your tank.  Potassium also helps in the uptake of other nutrients aiding your plants in utilizing more of the nutrients available to them.

Doses at 1ml per gallon or 10ml per 10 gallons.

22 grams K2SO4

Fill to 1 liter with water.


Making your own fertilizers is not a difficult thing to do.  The Agrarium line was altered to make it easy to dose and easy to mix.  Perfect for beginners and those wanting an easy solution.  The chemicals can be readily bought online relatively inexpensively.

Mix and store in dark bottles or out of direct sunlight for best results.  There are some alternative ways to get the same results but these are fairly easy to use.  Coupled with proper lighting and water changes you will experience good growth of the planted aquarium, wabi kusa, and other plant setups.  It is also much cheaper to buy dry components and make them yourself as opposed to buying premixed commercial fertilizers.