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WritingBiotope One is looking for writers for online magazine articles.  Topics include aquariums, terrariums, and indoor plant displays like wabi kusa and living plant walls.  We’re looking to add a few articles in the 750 to 1200 word range.

Many readers of Biotope One are also explorers and adventurers.  If you have notes or information you would like to submit to be edited into articles please contact us.  We can work together to get your information and experiences edited into a format that can be published.  We will give you full credits.  We can take the information from you and craft an article, even if you don’t like to write.


PhotographerPhotographs accompany articles so well, and we are looking for photographs to go along with articles.  Photos of your expeditions and adventures make great articles.

If you enjoy capturing biotopes, specimen photos, or related pictures you think we might be interested in drop us a contact.  Perhaps you captured a project you were creating in pictures.  Get in touch with us and see if we are interested in crafting an article for the website.

Many times we can craft an article working with you if you don’t like to write.  Working together we can develop an article that we can publish on our site.  You will receive full credits for your contribution.

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