The Pillbug Orchid Mount

The Pillbug Orchid Mount is a new kind of mount for growing terrarium orchids, ferns, gesneriads and other small epiphytes.  The Pillbug Orchid Mount is a clear acrylic plate with numerous small holes and rounded notches along its curved margin. The notches make it easy to secure a pad of long-fibre …

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Making a DIY Temperature Controller

Setting up a new tank to breed my plecos meant having to buy new lights, heaters, and filters. While browsing Amazon for a highly rated yet economical aquarium heater, I found myself staring at countless nightmarish reports of heaters overheating resulting in tanks full of dead livestock. Now for me, …

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Terrariums Quick and Easy

I ran across small terrariums when I was trying to keep specimen plants inside.  I had so many plants and so little room to keep them.  Keeping terrariums is fun, especially when you keep larger enclosures, but often times smaller containers are overlooked. With an overabundance of cryptocorynes and some …

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Live Long Fiber Sphagnum Moss

Being positioned in the great Pacific Northwest we are in a great place to grow live long fiber sphagnum moss.  Our moss is grown in a open floor greenhouse in trays.  The steadily moist and raining environment here is home to one of the best deciduous rainforests in the world.  …

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