Tissue Cultured Cryptocorynes

cryptocoryne undulata redHere are some of the cryptocorynes that I am working on for the plant library for Biotope One.  So far there are about 8 to 10 crypt varieties in some form of cultuivation or another.  Some are easier to start than others, and some grow faster than others.  Some plants are very difficult to get started in culture.  I would like to see bucephalandra in culture like this but I have failed 5 or 6 times so far.

After they are taken out of the culture vessels they are grown out for a few weeks in emersed tubs under fluorescent lighting.  Either they get traded, aquascaped, or made into wabi sabi or wabi kusa or some similar fate.  Cryptocorynes are great in that most of them are good at emersed and submersed growth making thema  versatile addition to your set ups and displays.

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