Aroid Houseplants Buce and Aridarum?

image Today I received some of my supplies to get back into potting and propagating plants.  I bought a few carnivorous plants from fellow hobbyist and needed to pot them up.  Sarracenia flava varieties, a drosera, and a Venus fly trap got unwrapped and potted up for the balcony.

The wife ordered a few plant pots for inside the new flat so we can enjoy some greenery in the otherwise drab apartment.  There’s very little personal charm to the new furnishings so the greenery will do some good.  I’ll be sure to post some pictures when it’s up and finished.

image A grease pencil, some green and red stick labels, and 100 3 inch plastic pots came today.  While I had a few minutes I pulled out the plant tray to keep the mess to a minimum.  I found this thing at the grocery store of all places.  the tray up top makes a nice resting place for tools and the base keeps me from getting dirt and sand all over the place.  I have limited room now so I have to be cautious of making too much of a mess.  When I’m done I rinse it out and wipe it off and back into the storage nook.

I also recently bought 250 grams of aridarum to make some wabi kusa balls with.  What exactly I’ll do with all of it remains to be seen but I am open to trades if anyone is interested in trading for some of the plants I have in bulk, like Aridarum, or the Bucephalandra I also got.  The homolomena ‘red’ I don’t want to trade off right now but maybe soon enough.

imageThe Aridarum I felt needed substrate or to at least get it off the top of the water.  It needs to be up out of the water more than what I had it so I potted it up in 2 inch net pots.  The 2 inch net pots also help me even out the huge mass of plants into even manageable little bundles.  Keeping them in trays makes it easier to make water changes and fertilize them properly.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to figure out how to do exactly what I have envisioned with the Buce and Aridarum for a wabi kusa/Biotop/insularium for the living room.  I have a couple issues with  enough water and light to figure out.



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