Founder at Biotope One. Writer, collaborator, and experimenteur with all things plants. Conservation and plants have always been something I've been interested in so I thought to meld the two and work on something productive for us all.

West Papua Neon Rainbow Biotope Aquarium

Biotope Aquarium Neon Rainbow West Papua

Technical Description: Mamberamo River West Papua. Dimensions of tank: Length 90cm x Width 60cm x Height 50cm Lighting: 1 x t8 grow bulb 1 x t8 sun bulb. Filtration: Eheim Canister Filter 2215. Hardscape: River rocks seasoned with algae. Substrate: Mixture of white sand and sharp river sand and small …

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Karen Haas and West African Cichlid

Tylochromis lateralis

Alan and I are longtime fishkeepers. We met at the Catfish Convention in Virginia. Early on most of my experience with West African Cichlids consisted of Jewel Cichlids and common Kribensis. He had acquired a pair of Pelmatochromis buettikoferi soon after he moved to Pennsylvania from England. They were housed …

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Blackwater Rio Atabapo Aquarium Biotope

Rio Atabapo Blackwater Biotope

Technical Description: Blackwater Rio Atabapo aquarium biotope. Dimensions of tank: 110 x 55 x 60 cm Lighting: Spot spotlights LED 10W 2 pcs and T8 fluorescent tubes 2x18W Filtration:  Eheim Classic 2217 and Tetra ex 800 plus. Hardscape: Due to the fact that the river passes through the jungle there is a lot …

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