Ghana Cichlid Limbochromis Robertsi

Ghana Cichlid

Ghana Cichlid Limbochromis Robertsi by Hans van Heusden In the series “The fish and their Biotope” we present you today Limbochromis robertsi. This species was described by Thys van den Audenaerde & Loiselle, 1971. The genus Limbochromis contains only 1 species namely Limbochromis robertsi. L robertsi is a species of …

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Suriname Biotope

A Suriname Biotope Biotope 3: A small blackwater creek near Jodensavanne in Suriname Dimensions: 70*50*35 (l*d*h) Lightning: 1 x Aquatlantis Easy Led 6800 K (28 W) – time controlled. Filter: Internal sump with 2 sizes mechanical filtration media and a biological filtration medium. Peat substrate is added to the filter. Pump …

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Printed Hamburg Matten Filters

Printed Reefing Solutions has developed a printed Hamburg Matten Filter for your aquarium.  These are corner filters and they work well for shrimp and fish alike.  Many hobbyists like to use HMF’s for fry tanks.  They make great filters and now they are available pre-made and also custom to suit …

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A Most Amazing Aquarium Store in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Fish Store

Occasionally we see pictures of some crazy fish shops but this is another level.  It is common to see fish pre-bagged in some parts of the world.  This is a well  stocked example of this type of fish store.   If you can take your eyes off the bags hanging …

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Using an IBC Tote Breeding Fish

By Edward Johnson I was looking for an inexpensive way to keep larger fish for breeding and for grow out tanks for the fry.  The fish room was downstairs in the unfinished basement and getting a 200 gallon glass or even acrylic tank down there was impossible. One afternoon a …

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Orthochromis Rubrolabiatus and Biotope

by Hans van Heusden It looks there is some interest about these cichlids, thanks! I caught this species first in 2010 in one of the most remote areas of Tanzania, and were very much unknown at that time. Orthochromis rubrolabiatus is a maternal mouth-breeding riverine goby cichlid and is endemic …

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Benefits of Catappa Leaves in the Aquarium

By Scott Fellman If you know me, I sound like a “broken record” (wow, that’s a really outdated expression, huh?), blabbing on and on daily about the virtues of Catappa leaves, wood, and aquatic botanicals. I really get excited about leaves! Specifically, Catappa leaves! Catappa leaves have been used by …

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Belize River Tributary Cichlid Biotope

Belize River Tributary by Dieter Duehring You have to dig to find a name for such a body of water in Belize, as I unfortunately do know know it.  There are certainly no beavers in Belize to make a beaver dam though.  In 2012 we found this tributary to hold …

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Tanzania’s Nyamba Ya Mungu Reservoir Cichlids

Photos and article courtesy Hans van Heusden. I was on my way to Nyamba Ya Mungu reservoir. This big man-made lake is located in the North of Tanzania. The reservoir is situated in the Pangani River Valley of the Masai Steppe. It was constructed for the purposes of irrigation, hydro-electric …

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